Ladies: Are You Opting For An Abortion?

Why would someone ever want to kill a child? The question has a trail of answers that lead to yet again a story that is not told by most women who opt for abortion when they get pregnant. It may or not be their fault depending on the circumstance surrounding the pregnancy so basically it isn’t right to judge before getting the bits of the story in line.

You might not be ready as a mother and that is completely understandable. The pregnancy to you was a huge mistake because you never planned for it and now this predicament has changed the course of your entire life. It is natural to want your life back but abortion isn’t an option. The child you will bear is completely innocent of the circumstances that surround your pregnancy and it isn’t fair for him or her to suffer just because of your selfish reasons. This isn’t a curse but a blessing in disguise that will sooner or later take form in your life.

If the father of the child bailed out, is that reason enough to think of abortion? Of course not! with or without the father, the child will thrive in your motherly care because as a woman you are strong and independent. You don’t need a male figure in your life to keep things in order when you have the brains to do so. If he bailed out, it just means that he is a coward and you shouldn’t vent out your desperation for a male figure to your unborn child. It sucks to be alone but who said you are? You and your child make a good team and that definitely counts for something.

The society and environment that surround you also play a big role in determining whether or not you will keep the child. In the African societal norms, a woman is meant to get pregnant within the confines of marriage and when things get out of hand, the society condemns such behaviour and as a woman you are neglected. Don’t make things far much worse by trying to kill your unborn child. Yes you want to fit back in the society and be accepted but at what cost? People make mistakes and they are forgivable. What is not is failing to learn from your mistakes. So be brave and spear on, you don’t have to be adored with everyone to feel special!


Fatherhood can be a little traumatic especially to young male adults who got their woman pregnant by accident and now, because they can’t keep on whining over split milk, they decide to run away from the problem all together. Why?

Typically a teenage boy doesn’t have a clue about parenting and once this truth hits him, he will basically try to detach himself from the reality that he is now a father to a baby that is expected to be born. He has no idea of what to do other than running away thinking that it will all go away. He will basically dump you and deny all claims that he is the father of the child which is pretty much cowardice considering the fact that he literally begged for you to sleep with him. Now he chickens out when a child pops up in the picture.

Forcing the young man to accept his obligations towards the baby isn’t going to bear much fruit. Besides as a woman, you can’t stoop that low in a desperate bid to gain support from an individual who clearly was only using you for you body. You are strong enough to cope up with this all by yourself and spare the drama of a coward man in this crucial moment of your life. As long as you know your truth and you own it that he is actually the father, then that is enough conviction for you to move forward with your life.

As a woman you are a dignified human being who is strong and determined enough to get through anything without a male figure constantly overshadowing your every move. Your child deserves better and you can give him or her that by being confident all by yourself. Forget the man and the misleading notions that the man has to take responsibility. If he does then it’s fine but if he doesn’t then it is a choice that he made and it will come to haunt him the near future. Just let it go and be strong for your child. At least you gave him a chance and he blew it so this is on him and not you.


Everybody does it for the greater good or so they say but oner thing that most people don’t realize is, they are taking matters into their own hands by playing God. They are taking away the power of choice from their loved ones thinking that it is all for the best which might be as a fact but think about the betrayal that you are causing to your better half. Something deceitful such as lying has never solved any problem rather it makes matters worse especially when the truth comes out.

Relationships are mutual agreements built on trust and partners can only be able to trust each other completely if they tell each other the truth no matter the circumstance. The compromise that people put in different situations is what is causing a drift in their relationship. One little white lie for the greater good might eventually be for the greater destruction of your relationship even though your intentions are pure because once the trust is broken in a relationship, it is hard to come back to the good graces because from then on, everything about you will seem like one big lie.

No matter how grave the circumstance is, it is better to come out clean to your partner and help him or her fight through it instead of trying to play nice but postponing the inevitable with more complications. Some might say that lying works out sometimes but the truth will eventually catch up when you least expect it and the longer you run, the graver the outcome of the truth once it gets to you. So stop playing games with matters of the heart. There is always a better solution to handle these kinds of issues.


Do you know what pain is? I actually did not till recently but I want to know about you because I care. Well,maybe am joking but at least I show some concern whether hypothetical or not. I lost someone today for a moment and my spirit was detached from my flesh. I could feel pangs of agony raging in my heart. I could not breath nor blink. I stared at her blankly waiting for her to open her eyes or squeeze my arm. Do you know what happened?

Arrogant as he is,he kept taunting me. Who’s fault was it? Honestly, I do not know. It has happened and am helpless and paranoid. He is not helping! And for some reason I cannot move. I decide to run to her and lay beside her,crying. Trust me it was the only thing I could think of.

“Hey! Move you bastard!” He said

I kept whining on the hot tarmac,was he serious right now? His car had a scratch on the bonnet and some blood. My blood if you say. She was innocently crossing the road with her bicycle and I watched her. First times are always magical and full of fun. We had even given a name to this day ‘CYCHO’. It sounds hilarious when she says it,but I do not mind she is five and has a life ahead of her. A life am not sure she will have.

“Hey,look am Tony,you are?” He said

(Looking at his face) I replied;”Save your breath you have done enough!”

“No need to get moody or anything but seriously you ain’t helping.” He said

“So what should I do, you run over my child,you expect me to leave her here? Who’s not helping now!” I said

“It’s not my fault that she was on the road! She should know better that it is a highway. Look,I have created an alert with MG911 application and authorities will be here any minute. Please move I want to park.” He said

Who are you? Where do they make you? This sickens me and it is a point that we have come to as humans. Emotions are vague and practically nonexistence. Self-centeredness is dominating our society today. When we are supposed to act in unity and love, we point fingers. How exactly do you live with yourself?

Am at the ambulance with my daughter. Tony’s emergency alert paid off after all. Though am left to wonder, I was garbage. An imbiscile of a father. I was blinded by fear and I could not do anything. Am filled with guilt and am shameful. My daughter looks up to me for her safety and I let her down. Parents can you relate how that feels?

The pessimistic driver taught me a valuable lesson and when I looked up the MG911,I found solace and a weapon of safety that is convenient and easy to use at any time. It creates alerts to local authorities when there is an emergency situation to be handled. Take this from me, get it now on your phone and secure the future you hope for.


One thing you should know about me is my love for sleep. I can place anything at bargain to have a peaceful ten hours under the covers with Terybyl. She is a stuffed little frog my mom bought me when I was four and I love it with a mother’s kind of love. This ain’t weird at all, please do not tell me you do not have a stuffed doll in your room that your friends do not know about. Am good with it and if you think it is childish or a show of weakness,then you are too serious about life. Loosen up for once, do not be ashamed of what you love for life is too short to do critical rationalism. Mrs Anne was not that lucky after all. So I was tired and it was quiet but they just had to start and ruin everything every single night. For God sake! It is your mother’s birthday can you give it a break?

Chloe was my best friend well technically that is an under statement considering I gave up on her a long time ago. Who knew playing friends is exhausting? She was nice and fun to hang out with but she had a darkness inside of her that Chelsea,her sister brought out every time. Am not the type to argue or blow out of proportion when an issue comes up so basically she has never looked down on me with her blue eyes full of rage. However, they kind of look amazing when she smiles but gruesomely scary when she is mad. This is the point where weird goes to a whole new level; she has never been mad or argued with anyone but her sister. Am no psychologist but this is some deep stuff.

This night I had had enough, I was fed up with stroking their egoistic sister drama. For the entire summer I have put up with the noise and the heartbreaks of Chloe every single day. What sickens me most is,they argue of petty things like who is doing dishes or who’s hairstyle is prettier and even at one point they were arguing about who is going to use the bathroom first. Twin rivalry is normal but does this look normal to you? Their single mother had an inclining in the situation since she always seemed to back up Chelsea. The introvert felt lonely and secluded and with time it also hit her that I was an imaginary friend,something am guilty about,and the worst version of herself manifested in her. The argument had started a bit early this night and I walked out of my house to confront my annoying neighbours.

The porch light was on but the door was closed. I peeped through the window and saw three ladies struggling over a kitten. Mrs. Anne,come on! You are supposed to be the sane one. I could hear their voices and suddenly they dropped the poor creature on the floor. Their uncle had bought it for their mother for the birthday and the little one did not survive a single night in the home. Chloe screamed and swung a chair on her mother’s head. Mrs. Anne collapsed on the floor and Chloe ran to the kitchen while Chelsea lay on the floor crying. I banged at the door and with no luck, I ran to their backyard and found the kitchen door open.

“Chloe,put the knife down.” I said

“What are you doing here? Get out! This is non of your business.” She said

“I know what you are going through but please no one has to get hurt,please just give me the knife and we will talk things through.” I said

“Don’t start with me right now,you abandoned me,all of you,I was dumb to think I had a friend in you. She always takes her side, I can’t take this anymore.” She said

She left me in the kitchen and ran to the living room. I was freaked out, she had buried her feelings all this while and I did not notice. I walked past the kitchen to the living room and found a pool of blood soaking on the carpet. She was on top of her mother’s torso stabbing her chest while her sister continued to bleed out through her neck. Tears kept flowing through her eyes and you could feel the agony and pain.

I ran and did not look back. Thank God I had sneakers. This was crazy and I was not ready to be a victim. I had to call for help and with the MG911 application, I created an alert and pinged my location. How can someone be dead inside like this?

There were three corpses laying right in front of me as they were being loaded into a van by the paramedics. Chloe took her own life and the lives of her entire family. She was hurting all alone and I could have helped her out but I did not. This guilt will haunt me,it is a price I have to pay but am determined to make things right by creating awareness of domestic violence in the society. It happens and we all know it but sometimes we turn a blind eye. Our society will never be built on neglect and self independence. We have to work our way together to make a difference in this life. This is a common norm and happens almost every single day so let us contain it before it blows up right on our faces.

The MG911 application provides a platform for creating awareness and am ready to use it to do my part in this course so should you.


“Oranjello put the phone down!” He shouted. She hurried to the balcony door and tried opening but it would not budge. Circling his hand around her hips,he carried her and threw her back to the bed. Oranjello screamed as she struggled to get free. She poked his eyes with her fingers and got an opportunity to smack his manhood. Ouch! That is some deep end pain that he is going to deal with. First,Oranjello is a girl,disclaimer to those who did not get the whole picture right. Not a sweet girl,a spoilt little brat. The kind that just get into your nerves and you feel like burning them alive.

Calvin,Oranjello’s dad was particularly stressed out. It had been three hours since his daughter had to honour the big man’s wish and frankly he thought Theodore was not getting what he wanted. He never told her what was truly going to happen. For eighteen years she was care free about what he did as long as money was not a problem to her. Sometimes she could even offer to transport the girls to their destinations. Calvin knew she had a cold heart but he never wanted her to go through what the other girls were subjected to.

Theodore is the head of a local human trafficking cartel in town. He deals mainly in sex trafficking since it is more profitable and fun. Who could blame him? A man got to do what a man got to do. Calvin and Theodore go way back to highschool,they were soccer mates and dated the same girl but the boys were cool with the whole thing. Oranjello’s mom died when she was two years old and unfortunately she was the bread winner of the family. Baby daddy just sat on the couch all day long, gulping down beer after beer and watching reality shows as his wife worked her ass out. Men please, even if you did not get a degree or something, hustle out there. Life in marriage will never alone be in the name of love. Support your wife because love is not going to feed your baby. This is too weird for me where is your pride brother?. To the women who work as hard as Oranjello’s mom to take care of your family,I respect and celebrate you. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Death is mean and definitely not choosy and so it took his wife and he was left penniless with a child to feed and raise. Theodore came through for him and he hooked him up to his enterprise but he messed up big time.Calvin became soft at one point in the business and freed fifteen hostages. This was a major set back to the business since the freed women kept blabbering about the organization to local authorities. Clients were mad,their urges were killing them just because of a man who let his humanity get the better of him. So this was his punishment,he could have preferred a bullet to the head after realizing what he had put his daughter through. Facts are, human instincts would have never preferred death. Betrayal is always the better option and I admit,if I was Calvin, little Oranjello would have had it the hard way. Calvin was no better than me so her bad.

Oranjello was seated in a posh apartment downtown waiting for her father’s manager to discuss her job application. The little brat wanted to be an air hostess,she was so hot and I do not blame her for her career choice. She was oblivious of what her father had arranged with Theodore. The white lie Calvin gave though was really lame plus Oranjello was naive to think that she will have a formal meeting with someone in their apartment. She only remembers sipping a glass of juice and suddenly finding herself naked with Theodore on top of him. She felt painful surges all around her body. She was bruised and her feet were bleeding. She tried to get out of the bed but she was slapped severally. Theodore was ready to go ultra on her with torture and sexual molestation.You are all expecting that she got saved and well Theodore paid for his actions in jail. This is the problem of mind engineering,when we are always in trouble we think help will come coincidentally. People, we are in the 21st century and basically we have the power to protect ourselves. Naivety is a total disgrace at this age and time. Oranjello reached back to her phone after being tossed back in bed as Theodore groans in pain on the floor. She clicks on the MG911 application to alert local authorities about the sexual harassment she had been subjected to. The brat was pretty smart after all,she had her safety tool right where she wanted.

Why exactly did she sell out her dad? I understand that Theodore did a number on her,but based on her past actions,she was literally OK with the whole thing. Do you know how painful it is to get molested sexually against your will? Probably you do not care what it feels like but you will when someone close to you goes through it. The pain detaches you from your spirit and you are left a void of flesh that amounts to nothing in the world. Human sex trafficking is a growing norm in the society. It literally happens in plain sight. Be on the watch and avoid victimization.

The MG911 application offers a platform to create awareness when this kind of incidence occurs. It is just a single click to the problem you are facing and local authorities will get your alert. Human sex trafficking is cruel and unjust and we can use this application by Koowi Technology Inc. to take charge of this menace in our society. Oranjello did it and so could you.


Call me weird but I love the smell of blood. It does have a smell if you really get it close to your nostrils. It is a scent filled with scattered shades of blankness that somehow gives the reality of life. What are we? Are we just a bag of scarlet fluids that are vulnerable in every sphere of our existence? I mean she was just right in front of me, on her feet, that now wobble to give way to eternal darkness. Her eyes are struck open with a tear lingering . I had never held a corpse on my hands but I know am about to,she’s going to be my first but am dead of any feeling.

I wanted it to be me, I had to it. She was so dear to me but I knew it was the only way I could find peace. My hands were cold and I could feel the metal right pressing through my veins. You should have seen the aerial view, the rose petals scattered on the bodies of men like a huge requiem mass. It was not my problem that they were collateral,it actually worked for me. It gave me confidence to pull the trigger right on her back. I bet she held me on her arms cuddling me eighteen years ago little did she know that I would cuddle her to her death. Mom, here comes the apple of your eye.

Am not afraid to say this, I was set apart in my own family. Maybe it was me,how different I was and all that but I never had the joy of being in a family. At some point it was weird talking to my mom about my issues. She did not even know me but no biggie,karma had it’s way and I was okay with all that. The perfect Hayley was going to have it rough at one point and if you ask me, she deserved to die. She just sat there for eighteen years howling over my loneliness and never dared to just give a piece of her life,some bit of attention. We were not sisters we just grew up under one roof.

Siren sounds were far but you could hear the fading sounds. Arrgh!!! Could a lady just have her moment? From my back, I heard two ladies whispering in the dryness of their voice about calling for help. Chloe, Chloe next time aim at there head not their torso,jeez! They have like tonnes of fat in there that just swallows up the bullet. My dear sister was no longer a priority and I passed her to the warm grass and petals that lay on the beautiful horticulture garden. The two ladies were thick and pulp and could not even move. I picked up one of their phones and saw an alert of gunshots that had already been issued. I wondered what kind of application is this.

Leaping forward trying to get a grip of myself,I saw police cars parking right through the entrance. I wish they had waited longer I was having the best experience of my life but it is just going to get better. The Price sisters in their doom,one dead,one in jail facing charges of murder of her own sister, pretty much comical. Mom would just lose it and I want her to. She needs to feel what I felt for eighteen years the emptiness a void of darkness. Good luck. I sat on the dead petals,that lay on the grass bed,I really needed to work on my aiming,the whole horticultural event scrambled down really bad and how I love flowers!

Staring at the lady’s phone I saw MG911,it had really did a number on me. Stupid technology how did this pass me but well,lucky for them they got smart. To be frank this is way to easy,I could feel safe with this any time any place I cannot believe am saying this but you should have it on your phone it is a safe haven that I have realized in an awkward manner.